SAP and SpaceTime Insight
The growing use of asset monitoring and management technologies is creating a new paradigm in asset management.  This new model expands the use of existing data to arrive at a significantly deeper and more precise assessment of the utility operation’s asset fleet. Yet compelling questions remain for the asset manager:

  • What are the primary variables that impact the health of my asset fleet risks?
  • What are the primary variables that impact such KPIs as SAIDI?
  • Which asset failures lead to the largest consequences?
  • Is my asset investment planning targeted enough?
An analytics solution is needed that incorporates all the needed data in real-time to provide asset managers with a comprehensive view of the grid’s asset performance.  In the webinar, you will learn:
  • Why spatial-temporal-nodal analytics are needed to create a deeper understanding of assets
  • What data types are critical to assessing asset risk
  • How external events such as weather impact upstream and downstream critical assets
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